Sunday, August 7, 2016

Entry 600: It's Been Awhile

We were looking back at our blog and noticed that it had been forever since we lasted posted.  Trust us when we say it hasn't been because we've been lazy, but we have been extremely busy.  We hereby give you the Huebner promise that this won't happen again and let us fill you in on a few things that have been happening since our last post in March.

  • We have had a wedding in the family.  Julie's mom, Nancy, tied the knot with a very nice man that she met named Fred.  It was an amazing wedding and we are happy to have Fred be a part of the family.
  • Last August Julie became a college student again.  Julie has had a hankering for awhile to get back into the classroom and Missouri State gave her a chance to get her degree in working with students who have visual impairments.  The best part is that the classes were all online and free through a state grant.  That's right Julie is getting her teaching degree for free!!!  The classes haven't been that bad, but the Braille writing and reading were a little difficult.  You are about to notice that a few things begin to happen because of Julie taking college classes.
  • Lance started a store on Ebay.  Since Julie was going to have to student teach in August of 2017 she was going to have to quit her job and we would be a one income family.  Lance took it upon himself to make some extra money on Ebay to make it a smooth transition into a one income family.  Lance had been doing Ebay for awhile, but he hadn't put a lot of effort into it.  Now, however, it is like a second job to him but it is something that he actually really enjoys.  He makes a pretty good second income off of this every month and he plans on using this blog every Sunday to post what he has sold and also some interesting things that he has found recently.  Those that are interested in that keep checking back on Sunday, but if it is not your cup of tea just scroll past it every week.
  • We took a 10 day trip to Ireland.  We had been planning this for sometime and it did not disappoint us at all.  We could tell you all about it here, but it would be easier for you just to check out our Ireland blog.  Click here for the Ireland blog.
  • Julie got a new job.  Julie is now working for the North Kansas City School District as a teacher of the visually impaired.  Julie had always said that there were two school districts that she wanted to work for and one of them was NKC.  They had an opening in June and Julie went ahead an applied and literally less than 10 hours before we got on a plane to fly to Ireland she got a phone call offering her the job.  Now it was difficult doing all of the paperwork while in Ireland, but she got it done and started her new teacher training on Friday.  We like to joke that she was only unemployed for less than a week.
  • We have had other things going on, but these are just some of the highlights.
Now the plan right now is to do most of our blog updating on Sunday's, so that is by far the best day to check back in and see what we have been up to for the week.  If you are one of those impatient people though keep checking back in all week because maybe we had some free time and will do some posting.

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