Sunday, March 20, 2016

Entry 599: Breakup Letter

This is for all of you people who keep asking us if we are going to Opening Night and if we might have extra tickets.

Dear Kansas City Royals,
     This is tough for me to write because I am usually the one reading this letter and not the one writing it.  Normally this is the time where the person says it's not you, it's me; but lets be real because we both know it's you.
     Our love affair began back in 2010 when for Christmas we decided to purchase a 10 game package.  Even though the team was terrible back then, we loved every minute of it. Throughout the years we have had a half season package, a full season package, traveled to Minnesota and Pittsburgh to see you play, and have been to Surprise, Arizona to spend an entire week at spring training.  You reciprocated this love by allowing us to meet all the players that we have ever wanted (Hosmer, Cain, Perez, Moustakus, etc...), giving us free tickets to games, putting us on the big screen far more times than I can remember, letting Lance win a free cell phone during a game once, seeing not only an All Star Game but also all the activities that go with it, and allowing Julie to meet Danny Duffey to start a friendship with him.
     Everything was great until 2014 when you started changing.  The previous two years we bought the buy 2 tickets, get 2 tickets free plan with some friends.  We would split the tickets with them and see nearly every game, but for some reason you did away with this and then lied to us by saying that you had informed us of this ahead of time when you hadn't.  We forgave you for this, but then we began to notice other changes.  The free tickets for being loyal season ticket holders disappeared, the ticket prices became higher, food prices were raised, opening day tickets had to be purchased separately because they were no longer a part of the 21 game package, and a lot of the perks season ticket holders received were taken away.
      The final straw was when we were told that with our 21 game package that we no longer would get post season ticket priority and would still have to buy Opening Night tickets because our ticket package wasn't high enough.  We discussed this and finally decided that we had enough and were going to discontinue our season tickets.  We had seen the Royals play in playoff games and go from a lousy team to winning the World Series, all along the way making some great friends.
     Now we know you have been calling us begging for us to take you back.  We have heard your pleas, but I am going to be the bad guy here and say it just isn't going to happen.  Will we still see you?  Probably, but not nearly as much.  Just know that we will always treasure the memories, but we have to go our separate ways.  Thanks for everything.

Julie and Lance Huebner

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