Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Entry 515: Here We Go Again

Lance says this every year and every year he makes it about halfway and stops. This year though he is determined to go a whole year on his 365 Days With Lance blog. This blog is just where Lance takes a picture every day and posts it. Now will there be a picture everyday, probably not because eventually there will be a day where Lance forgets. Right now it is up to date and you can check it out by clicking on the 365 blog link on the right hand side.

Entry 514: SMAC

Ever since Lance switched buildings, he has always wanted to start a community service club. This year Lance finally found someone that shared that same desire and together they started a club called SMAC (Students Making A Change). The group meets every Tuesday after school and they range between 35-40 members. Tomorrow they start their first community service project which is to try to raise 1000 stocking caps, hats, and socks for the homeless population around the area. Yes it is a pretty lofty goal, but the kids really wanted to set it that high and think they can do it. Starting tomorrow and all next week the group will be selling hot chocolate in the morning to help raise funds for the cause or to give to people that donate a stocking cap, socks, or gloves. We will make sure to keep you updated on the progress and wish us luck.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Entry 513: Good News, Bad News

Let me take you back for a second to our summer trip to Pittsburgh. We were flying home and had a layover in Atlanta. The Atlanta flight home was overbooked, so they were asking for people willing to give up their seats for two round trip tickets anywhere that AirTran flew. Julie decided to take them up on it and we received vouchers for our round trip tickets.

Now lets move forward to this weekend. We called too exchange our vouchers for tickets and we got some bad news/good news. We wanted to use our vouchers to fly to Phoenix, Arizona so that we could see the Royals spring training. Unfortunately we were told that since Southwest bought out AirTran they no longer had a hub in Phoenix and that the farthest west they flew was Houston. Now this was the bad news, but it was immediately followed up with good news. The lady on the phone told us that we had four roundtrip tickets to go anywhere else, and we stopped her for a second and asked her again how many tickets we had. She again said four, but Lance the honest person he is said he thought we only had two. The lady checked again and assured us it was four round trip tickets.

We hung up the phone and after looking at our schedules determined where we wanted to go on our trips (the trick is that they had to be taken by June 13). We booked our tickets and get ready for some updates in the very near future after our visits to Texas and Florida.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Entry 512: Dream Come True

Most people that know Lance knows that he is a dork. One of Lance's dorkiest goals is that he has always wanted to be the webmaster of a schools website. This just means that he maintains it and adds information as needed. This year the webmaster resigned their position and Lance took over as webmaster. Check out the website at

Entry 511: Dinner Time

Whenever we sit down and eat, Bobby likes to get up in the chairs and watch us. We found him sitting at the table ready to eat and apparently drink the other night (Lance actually got out the Mikes Hard Lemonade and set it there for the picture).

Entry 510: Kitchen Cabinets

Julie has been bugging Lance for quite some time about doing something with the kitchen cabinets. Since all of the rooms of the house have been repainted, Julie knew exactly what color she wanted the painted. Julie left for the weekend to visit her parents and Lance figured this was the perfect time to get the cabinets repainted. It was a long, arduous process with everything having to be sanded and painted twice. It took Lance about 26 hours to finish everything, but the end result is very nice. Here are some pictures of the work in progress, but to see the end result check out the 365 blog tomorrow to see.

Entry 509: Early Christmas Gift

We both decided that we really enjoyed going to the Royals games this past season, but we weren't sure what we were going to do next season because the full season tickets were just too much for us. A couple that we shared seats with this year came up with an interesting proposition, we would keep the same seats but split the games. So basically we have 4 seats for half of the Royals games this year. These are the games we have seats for this year:

* April: Twins, Blue Jays, Indians, Rays.
* May: Rays, White Sox, Yankees, Angels, and Cardinals.
* June: Twins, Astros, Tigers, White Sox, Braves.
* July: Indians, Athletics, Tigers, Orioles.
* August: Twins, Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox, Nationals.
* September: Mariners, Tigers, Indians, Rangers.

The nice part is that we have 4 seats for each of those games and we will be able to take people if they want to go. It costs us a little bit, but we both enjoy going to the games.