Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Entry 99: Deep Thoughts With Kent

Here is another video we have of the wedding where Julie's dad, Kent, gave us his infinite words of wisdom.

Entry 98: Cutting The Wedding Cake

Lance is just about done editing our wedding video, so we decided to put a few snippets from the video on the blog. This first video is of us cutting the cake and then feeding it to each other.

Entry 97: The New Centerpiece

We were recently walking through the Pottery Barn and we came up with the idea of buying/creating a new centerpiece for the kitchen table. Julie made a very nice one a few months back, but it had been relocated to the mans bathroom and we desperately needed a new one. We decided to try something out of the ordinary and as you can see from the picture above that is what we got. We really enjoy it though.

Entry 96: The New Bookshelf

The one thing Lance has wanted for quite some time is a bookshelf for his man room, so that he can display all of his books. At first Lance wanted to display his sports memorabilia, but that was quickly shot down by Julie who said that a bookshelf is only supposed to display books hence the name BOOKshelf. Since Lance had no argument for that logic, Julie won. Julie was so excited about being right that believe it or not she even put the bookshelf together. Is there nothing she can't do.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Entry 95: New Things On The Blog

You may have noticed some new things on the right side of the blog. One of the new things is a link to all 257 of our wedding pictures. Just click one of the 2 links over there and it will take you to the pictures. The other link are movies that we have been watching. We have recently been watching about one movie a week from our Netflix subscription and decided to share what we have been watching with everyone else. Hopefully this will make the site a little easier to get around.

Entry 94: A Second Reception

Julie's mom and dad (and now Lance's in-laws) decided that they wanted to throw us a second reception at their farm. Since the space we had for the wedding was limited many of Julie's friends came to wish us both happiness and good luck. Julie's mom and dad went all out with a string quartet, great food, beautiful decorations, and Lance's favorite cake (carrot cake). We had a fantastic time and are so lucky to have parents like Kent and Nancy who care so much about us. You can see some of the pictures below, but unfortunately we did not get a chance to take any pictures during the reception because we were just so darn busy.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Entry 93: Even More Wedding Pictures

We're sorry we haven't updated for awhile, but we have been really busy. Keep checking back with the blog today because we plan on updating everyone with what has been keeping us busy. We did finish uploading the last of the wedding pictures. You can see them by clicking on the link below, but remember of you would like to print any of them you probably need a release so just email us at lancehuebner@gmail.com and we will email you the release. Enjoy the pictures.

More Wedding Pictures

Friday, July 18, 2008

Entry 92: Wedding Pictures

Well the wedding pictures have finally arrived. Lance has started putting them on Shutterfly for everyone to see, so click on the link and enjoy. Remember that these aren't all the pictures, but they are quite a few. Unfortunately you can't print these because all of the places we have tried require you to have a signed release from the photographer, so if you would like a signed release form please email us at lancehuebner@gmail.com and we will make sure you get one. Enjoy the pictures.

Wedding Pictures

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Entry 91: The Hits Keep On Coming

As most people know we were in a car accident last December and our car was called a total loss. That was Lance's first accident ever and we both figured it would be his last for awhile, but boy were we ever wrong. This morning while Lance was coming home from running some errands and stopped at a red light, a big GMC Yukon came barrelng into the car behind Lance which pushed that car into Lance. The Yukon pushed the trunk of the other car basically into the back seat. Lance's car was driveable, but he got an estimate on it and it will take a few thousand to fix due to the rear end being damged almost completely. I guess that means another rental car for us. You can see the damage below, but it is real tought to see anything wrong (but if you look close enough you can see the liscence plate of the car scuffed into the fender).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Entry 90: A Possible Conversion

As many of you know Lance is a die hard Kansas City Royals fan and Julie loves her St. Louis Cardinals. This weekend though there was a breakdown and Julie bought a Kansas City Royals shirt. Julie's favorite player for the Royals is Zack Greinke (he has a bad attitude and Julie likes that about him) and as we were walking through Wal-Mart we spotted a powder blue Zack Greinke t-shirt. Julie fell in love with it and Lance was more than delighted to buy it for her. You can see the pictures below.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Entry 89: More Wedding Pictures

Our photographer sent us some proofs from the wedding and we decided to share them. Enjoy.

Entry 88: Vote Lance For President

Thanks to my friend Eric for sending this to me.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Entry 87: The Cadillac Of Garbage Cans

Lance likes to give Julie a hard time because she always seems to be excited about garbage day. Julie really enjoys throwing the trash away, but her biggest complaint has been that the trash can isn't big enough and that it doesn't have wheels so she can help roll it to the curb. Well today we went to Wal-Mart and got the Cadillac of garbage cans. It holds 50 gallons and has wheels. We even gave it a test drive in the store by having Julie roll it down an aisle. Lets just say that Julie is much more excited about trash day.

Entry 86: New Hardware

When Julie's mom came to visit a few weeks ago, she decided to leave us a little gift and broke the towel rack in Julie's bathroom. Julie decided instead of fixing it, she wanted new hardware. With a generous gift card from bed, bath, and beyond Julie found what she wanted. You can see pictures of the new hardware below.