Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Entry 508: Birthday Girl

Julie's sister, Mary, and Lance decided to help Julie celebrate her birthday a few days ago. We took her to The Olive Garden and the staff got together and sang Happy Birthday to her.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Entry 507: Clingy

While Julie has been away, the dogs have been a little clingy as you can see.

Entry 506: A Weekend Apart

Thursday morning Julie left for a mandatory meeting in Jefferson City. Her mom and dad asked if she would like for them to pick her up so she can spend some time with them and they could celebrate her birthday a little bit early. Julie liked the thought of this and Lance thought it would be good if he stayed home and did some of the home improvement projects that Julie had for him to do (i.e. painting). Julie had a great time with her parents and here are some of the pictures that she sent to Lance.
Julie's mom and dad.
Julie and her dad.
Julie feeding one of the calves.
Julie and her dad outside of Ragazzi's.
Julie eating custard at her favorite place, Ted Drewe's.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Entry 505: Glasses No More

Julie has been trying to tell Lance for the past 3 years that he needed to get his eyes checked and get some new glasses. Lance has been resistant to this because like a typical guy he doesn't like to admit that his wife is right and that he is wrong. Julie finally gave Lance an ultimatum and this Friday Lance went to the eye doctor. The eye doctor gave lance the choice of getting glasses or contacts. Lance thought about it and after some thought he decided that he wanted to go back to contacts, so glasses no more for Lance.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Entry 504: Kitchen Cabinets

We are very close to making all of the changes that Julie would like to see in the house. The upstairs has all been repainted and rearranged and even the living room has been painted, except for the accent wall. Julie decided that she wanted to paint the cabinets a different color and she had two colors in mind. She decided that one of the colors would be the cabinet colors and the other would be the accent wall color. After much discussion Julie decided that we would be using the green for the cabinets and the grey for the accent wall colors. Stay tuned for pictures of it being completed because Lance plans on doing it next weekend.

Entry 503: Dog Day Afternoon

The dogs enjoy nothing more than chewing a stick in the backyard on a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

Entry 502: Milwaukee Trip

On our mission of going to all 32 Major League Baseball stadiums, we made a trip to Milwaukee in September to see the Milwaukee Brewers play the New York Mets. We had heard a lot of great things about the stadium, but honestly we were not all the impressed with the stadium. The outside of the stadium was amazing and probably our favorite, but when you got inside it almost felt like you were in a tin can. The stadium has a retractable roof, so the stadium is built up meaning that you have almost no sight line to see any of the scenery outside of the stadium. Julie ranked this stadium as her least favorite because she felt closed in and Lance ranked it as his 2nd least favorite behind Busch Stadium. We both still rate Pittsburgh's stadium as our favorite.

Entry 501: We're Back

Yes we realize that we have not blogged for awhile and some of you (Pam) have reminded us also. We promise to get better at this and plan on updating every Sunday with things that we have going on. Now let us get you updated about what we have been doing.