Saturday, January 21, 2012

Entry 464: Movie Day

Julie had seen the previews for the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and she really wanted to see it. Lance was not to sure about it, but he was game to see it because it had Tom Hanks in it and he likes Tom Hanks. Without giving away the whole movie, it is about a young man with Aspergers who tries to keep is dad's memory alive after he dies in the World Trade Center on 9/11. We both thought the movie started off slow, but after that the movie was just incredible. It was so powerful and had so many moments where you wanted to look away but just couldn't. We would highly recommend this movie to anyone and we don't do that very often.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Entry 463: Stomach Flu

This week has been a rough week for the both of us. We will spare you the details, but Julie was really sick on Monday and Lance was really sick on Wednesday. We are pretty sure that it was the stomach flu and thankfully we are both starting to feel better. The stomach flu is not fun at all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Entry 462: Royals Caravan

Every January the Kansas City Royals visit some smaller cities to keep convincing these cities to keep rooting for the Royals. Last year the weather was bad, so we couldn't make the trip. This year, however, the weather was beautiful so we got in the car and made our way up to Cameron to get some autographs and meet some players. We got there about an hour early and there weren't very many people there, so we were towards the front of the line. This years Caravan consisted of John Mayberry, Billy Butler, Greg Holland, Danny Duffy, and of course Slugerrr. We had met Billy Butler before and were excited to see him again because he seemed like a real nice guy. Lance was really excited about meeting Greg Holland and Danny Duffy though because they are a big part of the Royals youth movement and should be with the team for many many years. In the end we got the following things autographed: Billy Butler signed a Butler shersey and his rookie card, Greg Holland and Danny Duffy personalized a baseball for us and signed a bat, and John Mayberry personalized a baseball for us also. We both love doing things like this and are really excited for the season to start.

The Caravan bus.

Danny Duffy

Greg Holland

Billy Butler

Julie sitting and waiting to get her autographs.

Entry 461: Godson Time

While celebrating Tyler's birthday on Saturday, Julie got to see and play with her godson Brody. The pictures Lance took are really cute.

Entry 460: Happy Birthday Tyler

Tyler turned 3 last week, so we headed over to help him celebrate with family an friends on Saturday. It was a Spiderman theme and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate this birthday with Tyler.

Entry 459: The New Dog Pillow

If you were hoping to see a post with some Bobby and Maggie pictures, well you are in luck. We bought both dogs a dog pillow for Christmas in hopes of being able to keep Bobby off of the bed. Unfortunately Bobby has taken a liking to Maggie huge pillow and you can frequently see them laying together on the pillow. Lance just couldn't resist taking pictures of this (yes he is a dork and realizes this).

Entry 458: Guest Bedroom Reveal

After we finished the bathroom makeover, we decided to tackle the guest bedroom. This one did not take very much thought because Julie had it planned out in her mind what she wanted: a bedroom with a beachside resort feel. She choose the green color that we both absolutely love and really pops in the room. In the end we again had to paint the trim a bright white to match what we are doing with all of the trim in the house, painted all of the walls the green color, changed all of the outlets to a bright white, and bought new white vents to put in. This right now is Lance's favorite room in the house.

Entry 457: Bathroom Updated

As many of you know, we have been slowly making changes to our house, but we recently have begun kicking it up a notch and really redoing all of the rooms. Our goal is to get the whole upstairs done before April and we are pretty close. We finished with the bathroom, guest bedroom, and master bedroom (but Julie has a few finishing touches that she still wants to make, so no pictures of that yet). All we have left is the hallway and Julie's scrapbooking/Royals room. It is a lot of work, but so far we love it.

The first room we took on was the bathroom. This was a difficult room because it took us forever to choose a paint color. We actually tried seven different paint samples, but in the end we choose a color called contented. We actually started off by buying the shower curtain because we both really loved it and then matching a color to it.

Here is what we did to the room:
* Painted the walls.
* Sanded down the vanity and painted it a very dull white to give it a country feel.
* Added new hardware to the vanity.
* Painted all of the trim a bright white.

The only thing we still want to do is to change the counter top on the sink and we will be done with it. Pictures are below.

This is a picture that Lance took from Powell Gardens and we liked it so much we decided to use it in the bathroom.

Entry 456: Laptop Crisis

We apologize to everyone that follows our blog and keeps getting disappointed by the lack of entries, but we have had a laptop crisis in our house. Lance does a majority of the updating on the blog using his laptop, but recently it has been quite unreliable. At first it wouldn't turn on, but Lance finally figured out it might just need a new battery and that seemed to do the trick. Once that was fixed, however, it would not connect to the wireless in the house or even recognize it. Lance finally figured out the solution to that problem, so we hope everyone is ready fr a ton of updates because they are coming. By the way have you been keeping up with Lance's 365 blog, if not click the link on the right and see the pictures that he is taking every day and posting.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Entry 455: 365 Days With Lance

Lance has decided to try to do a 365 project this year. For those that don't know, this means Lance will be doing a blog where he posts a picture everyday and blogs about its significance. Lance is going to do this whole project on his phon which should make the whole process more interesting. He has already posted his first picture and you can view it by clicking on the 365 Days With Lance button on the right hand side. Enjoy.