Monday, February 20, 2012

Entry 472: Bella Update

Bella seems to be adjusting to life living with us, and we are beginning to get adjusted to it also. The biggest issue that we have so far is that Bella likes to chew everything. This includes shoes, clothes, fingers, toes, and for some reason Julie's underwear. The biggest adjustment we have had to make so far is Bella's sleep schedule. When Bella is awake, she likes to make sure that everyone is awake. That has not been good when she has been getting up at two in the morning.

Bella and Bobby have also been having a very rocky relationship. Bobby has always been the top dog and has no desire to share that spot with Bella. Bella, however, seems to like to torment Bobby every chance she gets. Bella will run after Bobby and try to play with him, but Bobby wants nothing to do with that. Bobby is gradually warming up to Bella though.

If you want to see pictures of Bella check out Lance's 365 blog and you will see tons of pictures of Bella.

Entry 471: Julie's New Toy

Julie has been having a lot of trouble with her cell phone lately and we both decided it was time for her to get a new one. She looked around and finally settled on an iPhone. So far Julie loves it, but Lance does not like it because he doesn't like anything Apple. Lance has been going around calling Julie a yuppie because of this purchase.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Entry 470: Celebrity Apprentice Game

We both love watching The Celebrity Apprentice and last year we played a game with friends where we tried to predict when people would be voted off before the season even began. We are doing it again this year and if you are intersted in playing along with us, click the link below and make your predictions. Just forthe record, Lance is the reigning champion.

Celebrity Apprentice Prediction Form

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Entry 469: New Addition To The Family

Lance made a big mistake today. Julie's mom and dad were over and noticed that the neighbor had some daschund puppies playing in the back yard. Lance went over to the neighbor and asked if he could bring one over to show Julie's mom and the neighbor gave him two. Big mistake because Julie took one of the puppies and fell in love with it. To make a long story short we added another dog.

Let me introduce you to JULIE'S dog (not Lance's), her name is Bella and she is 6 weeks old. Anyone that knows Julie knows why she chose the name Bella. Right now Bella gets along really well with Maggie, but Bobbie is still pretty leery of Bella. I think Bobby will warm up to it, but we'll see. For now here are some pictures of JULIE'S dog.

Entry 468: The Hallway

Our hallway was really in need of a paint job and a makeover. A few weeks ago we tackled the project and it turned out really nice. We are actually going to take this new paint color and paint the living room and kitchen the same color. We are now almost done with the upstairs and Julie's scrap booking room is all we have left.

Entry 467: The Vow

In our ongoing effort to see more movies this year, this weekend we went and say The Vow. This movie was about a woman who got into a car accident with her husband and couldn't remember the last 5 years of her life including marrying her husband. The rest of the movie was about him trying to get her to fall in love with him again. Julie liked the movie, but said that it wasn't as good as she thought it would be. Lance thought it was okay, but he wouldn't go and see it again. We both gave it 5 out of 10 stars.

Click her to see the trailer for the movie.

Enry 466: The Master Bedroom

We have finally finished our master bedroom (except for the shades) and our ready to reveal some pictures. Lance's favorite part is the area with the little dresser and picture because the picture was painted by his grandfather and Julie purchased an awesome frame for it. Juli's favorite part would be the picture above the bed and the mirror because she got it at a really good price. Everything in this bedroom has been redone by Julie and it looks awesome.

Entry 465: Breaking Dawn

Julie is a big Twilight fan and Lance, figuring that there was no chance it was ever going to happen, told Julie that is she stayed up until midnight that would go with her to pick up the Breaking Dawn DVD the night it came out. Naturally Julie took this as a challenge and stayed up to go to Target and get her movie. We arrived at 11:00 and waited in line to purchase the movie with all of the other Twilight fans. The only thing that made this night any better (sarcasm) is the fact that it was a wind chill of 0 when we got there and left. Julie has already watched the movie a few times.