Sunday, August 28, 2011

Entry 429: Something Different

Since we both started working again, we have both decided that we need to try something different for our health. Julie leaves for work every day at 6:30 and we usually don't get home until 5:30, so it makes for a long day and usually we don't want to cook. This usually led to us going through drive through and grabbing something quick, but we decided to try something different which will hopefully help. We are going to cook a weeks worth of meals on Sunday and just eat them as the week goes on. It makes for a long Sunday, but hopefully in the end it will work. Last week we didn't eat out, so it is looking good so far.

Here is what we are making for this week: grilled shrimp, lemon pepper chicken, General Tao's chicken, and stuffed green peppers. Enough for now because the stove is beeping for us.

Entry 428: Just Another Day

Lance was upstairs making the bed when he noticed this out the window. Yes this is the kind of neighborhood we live in.

Entry 427: New Centerpiece

Julie has been wanting a new centerpiece for the kitchen table for quite some time. While walking through Sears yesterday Julie came upon a candle centerpiece that she really liked and ended up buying. Below you can see the end product.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entry 426: New Camera

We have been talking for awhile today about getting a new camera and for some reason the stars aligned and we ended up getting a camera today at a very good price. The story about how we got it though is a little bizarre.

We were hungry when we left the house, so we decided to go and grab lunch at our favorite pizza place, the Dish. We got there a little past 11:00, but found out that it didn't open until noon. We decided to kill a little bit of time by going to Lance's favorite place, Best Buy, and to just look around. We gravitated towards the camera section and spent quite some time looking around. We knew the zoom that we wanted and the minimum mega pixels we would accept, but we still weren't ready to buy one yet.

When we left Best Buy, we still had a little bit of time left until the restaurant opened. We decided to go by the place where we got married and see if anyone else was getting married today, but our plans changed when we drove by Sears and saw that they were having a clearance sale because they were changing over to a K-Mart. We thought that we would go in real quick and see what they had. When we ventured to the electronics section we saw a camera that we had been looking at for a fantastic price. We decided that we couldn't pass this deal up, so we ended up getting a new camera that we love.

Below you will see some pictures of the dogs we took with our new camera.

Entry 425: Hello Again

It has been awhile since we have last posted, but we have been very busy.

Julie has been having long days at work because it is college season. This is always a crazy time for Julie because she has to make sure that all of the college students on her caseload have everything taken care of and that everything has been paid. Making matters worse is that Julie's office is short a counselor which means that Julie had to do double the work. Thank goodness that college season is finally over.

Lance has also started work and it is different this year because he is teaching in a different building. He decided to make the switch so that he could take Julie to work at times and so far it has worked out great. Lance really likes the building and the team he is on, but he still misses his old building at times. Below you will see a picture of Lance and the team that he is working with.

As you can see we have been busy, but now that things have calmed down we will start posting much more frequently.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Entry 424: Out With The Old

Lance has had his original washer and dryer since 2000. They have served him well, but last year since we bought new ones they were out into retirement. Apparently they hold some sentimental value for Lance because they have been sitting in the garage for about a year. Julie finally told Lance he had to get rid of them, so Lance called the Salvation Army and they are coming to pick them up today. It is a very sad day for Lance.