Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Entry 566: Twitter Explosion

Lance likes being active on Twitter and Facebook and whenever he goes to a Royals game he likes to post a picture of himself at the game on his social media.  Saturday night the Royals gave away a Salvador Perez bobblehead and Lance tweeted this out.

Well somehow or another Salvador Perez saw this and tweeted Lance back telling him that he liked the photo.  Salvador Perez then retweeted this picture and Lance's twitter blew up.  When Lance woke up the next day he had nearly 100 more followers and each day he still gains about 3-5 more followers.  Lance laughs about this and keeps telling Julie that he is kind of a big deal.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Entry 565: Bulking Up

Lance has been noticing that since working out that he has started getting some definition in his arms.  He decided that he wanted to take it a step further and start lifting some weights also so he can make his arms even more defined.  He took a personal workout with one of the trainers and is now lifting 3 days a week along with going to boxing class with Julie.  Hopefully this will pay off for him.

Entry 564: Dog Sitting

Julie's mom, Nancy, went out of town for a few days and we did some dog sitting with Nora while she was gone.  What an awesome dog.

Entry 563: Date Day

We have both been very busy the last few weeks, so we decided that we were going to take a Sunday and make it a date day with just us and no distractions.  We had not seen a movie forever, so we decided to catch the matinee showing of Chef.  We both had heard good things about it and we were not disappointed.  It didn't follow the normal movie plot line and it made you feel good leaving the theater.  Afterwards we decided to go and grab some lunch at Panera and got some froyo at Lemon Tree.  All in all it was a great day and we plan on doing this many more times.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Entry 562: Bella

Poor little Bella has been having a rough past two days.  Tuesday Lance was outside doing some yard work when all of a sudden he heard a loud yelp from Bella.  He ran over to Bella and she looked fine, but when she got up to come over to him she couldn't put any weight on her right front paw.  Lance was a little nervous about that, but he figured maybe she just tweaked something and decided to see if it would go away.  Thirty minutes went by and she was still struggling to put any weight on the leg, so Lance called and got her an appointment with the vet.  When they got there the vet did some tests on Bella and miraculously she could put weight on that paw and the vet said she probably just tweaked it.

Everything was great with her until last night (Wednesday) when we came home after working out.  Bella is usually just jumping up and down in her crate and barking when we come home, but this time she was just laying in her crate and not making any sounds.  Julie opened the crate and Bella struggled to get out and looked like she was having trouble putting any weight on any of her legs.  This scared Julie a lot and we piled in the car and drove Bella to the emergency vet clinic.  They did all kinds of tests on her and couldn't find what was wrong with her (and once again as soon as she got there she was walking fine again), but thought it could be a bulging disc in her back.  They gave her an anti-inflammatory shot and some pills to give her.  So far today she is doing good and lets hope that continues.

Here is a selfie of Bella and Lance at the vet.

Entry 561: Storm Damage

Monday night just as we were getting ready to go to bed, the tornado sirens started going off.  Lance quickly turned on the news and saw that a tornado had possibly been spotted in Liberty.  We quickly went into our basement and waited it out.  Luckily just a few sticks were knocked down in our yard, but trees and tree branches were blown down all over the neighborhood.