Sunday, October 31, 2010

Entry 333: Season Tickets: Part Two

Last Thursday we had the chance to go back to Kauffman Stadium and renew our season tickets. We first went and looked at the seats, so we could pick where we wanted to sit next season. We decided that next year we would upgrade from the 21 game package to the 41 game package and we bought the parking passes also. After purchasing the tickets we were able to watch game 2 of the World Series and walk the field (as you can see from the photos below). We both can't wait until next season starts.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Entry 332: New Toilet

This may not seem like a big deal, but a few days ago we bought and installed a new toilet. Julie had been wanting one for awhile and Lance finally gave in. You will also notice that it is a low flush toilet also.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Entry 331: Lance's Sisters Wedding

Last Saturday Lance's sister, Jacque, got married. We arrived on Friday because Lance was an usher and had to be there for the rehearsal. It was a lovely wedding and we are thrilled to welcome Jon into he family. Enjoy the pictures taken by Lance's brother Rod.

Wedding Pictures

Entry 330: Last Royals Game Of The Year

Thursday night was our last Royals game of the year. We really enjoy going, so it was a sad day for us. We decided to take our friend, Anita, with us to the game and we all had a great time. Julie's favorite player, Zack Greinke, was pitching and Lance's favorite player, Joakim Soria, closed. It was our last game of the year, so we decided to stay for the whole thing. It was fun, but we are sad it's over.

Entry 329: Royals vs. Twins

Last Wednesday when Lance picked up Julie from work, she said that she wished we were going to the game tonight. When we got home Lance looked and we had some extra tickets laying around, so we traded them in and went to the game. It was a great game, but unfortunately we had to leave by the 5th inning because of work the next day. We had a great time though.

Entry 328: Fall Festival

A few weeks ago Liberty had their Fall Festival and we decided to take Julie's sister, Mary, and our nephew, Tyler, to it. We got their early and were able to eat breakfast at one of our favorite places, Crepes On The Square. As Julie and Mary talked, Lance walked around and looked at some of the shops with Tyler and Bobby. We were able to see a few shops before the parade started, and lets just say that at the parade Bobby made off with quite the load of dog biscuits. All in all a fun day for everyone.