Saturday, September 24, 2011

Entry 435: A Ride In The T-Bucket

Last night we had a chance to meet up with some friends for dinner. One of our friends had a classic car that Julie has been wanting a ride in for quite some time, so she was invited over for a ride before dinner. Thanks Chuck, Anita, and Tyson, we had a great time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Entry 434: Cardinals Game

As many of you know we have a goal of trying to visit every major league baseball stadium. Monday we went to Busch Stadium in St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play the Brewers. We both went to the game wearing our Zach Greinke stuff because he plays for the Brewers, but we loved him when he played for the Royals. The stadium was beautiful and it was a fun game to watch because both teams were battling for first place. What made this game even more memorable is that we were able to see it with Julie's mom and dad. Three stadiums down twenty seven more to go.

Entry 433: Nephew Cooper

We were lucky enough to be able to see Carol, Michael, and their baby Cooper while we were in St. Louis. We both agreed that Cooper has to be the most content and calm baby that we have ever met.

Entry 432: Incredible View

Lance always loves going to Julie's mom and dads house because it is so beautiful. He always tries explaining to people how beautiful it is, so hopefully these pictures can do it a little bit of justice.

The view as you drive up to the house.

The walkway to the house.

The view when you walk out the front door.

Entry 431: Shaw's Garden

Saturday we all went to Shaw's Garden in St. Louis and were able to see the Japanese Gardens. We have been there before, but we always love going and seeing all of the beautiful flowers. What made it even better was that the weather was beautiful, even though we did have a little bit of rain when we first got there. Enjoy the pictures.

Entry 430: St. Louis Trip

This past weekend we decided to go to St. Louis and visit Julie's mom and dad. While we were there we visited Shaw's Garden, went to the Hill, and went to a Cardinals game. Prepare for a barrage of posts.