Thursday, December 29, 2016

Entry 605: Inappropriate Christmas Shirts

We are always forced to take a Christmas picture whenever we go to people's houses, so this year we decided to buy inappropriate Christmas shirts to wear and hopefully cut back on the amount of pictures we had taken.  In case you're wondering, it worked!!!

Entry 604: Dog's Christmas Presents

We typically don't get our three dogs Christmas presents, but this yea we decided to splurge on them.  They all got a rawhide toy, clothes, and new beds so they hopefully won't feel the need to sleep with us.

Entry 603: Snow Day

Yes this post is a little late, but as Lance likes to say better late than never.  Lance has had a lot of snow days in his teaching career, but up until now Julie has never had the joy of one.  That all changed a few Mondays ago when she experienced her first one.  She even had the joy of knowing that it had been cancelled before even going to bed which was exceptionally nice.  Needless to say she sat around and watched Hallmark Christmas movies all day to celebrate this.

Entry 602: Christmas Card

This year we decided instead of mailing Christmas cards we would just do a digital Christmas card.  It is our way of trying to be more environmentally conscious.  Julie chose the picture which is from our favorite part of our summer Ireland trip, a little house on the Aran Islands.