Monday, September 27, 2010

Entry 327: Bobby's ER Visit

Bobby enjoys his car rides, but tonight he took it to a new extreme. We were two blocks from home, when Bobby decided to jump out the car window at 30 mph. We drove back around and picked up Bobby and made a quick run to the doggy emergency room. He got lucky and had no broken bones, but he does have some road rash. So Bobby has to rest (which Julie is in charge of) and was given some pain meds. We go back in 4 days and we'll see what the vet says.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Entry 236: Fan Appreciation Night

Friday night we had the chance to take some of our friends to a fan appreciation night at the Royals stadium. We had free food, live music, got autographs from former players, and were able to go on the field. We had a great time as you can see from the pictures.

Julie, Tyson, and Anita from the visitors dugout.

The view from the visitors dugout.

The view from center field.

Lance sitting in the bullpen and signaling for the relief pitcher.

Lance wondering what happened this season.

Sitting in the Royals dugout.

Julie and her friend, Anita, sitting in the dugout.

The 1985 World Series trophy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entry 325: Royals Game

Last Sunday we went to the Royals/Indians game. Before the game began though we tailgated and grilled some shrimp and Italian sausages. The shrimp was delicious because Lance's brother gave him his secret recipe. It was a great game with the Royals winning, but the highlight for Julie was when a shirtless guy ran on the field and was eventually tackled by security. We have one game left, so we are a little bit depressed and sad.

You can see in the far left the shirtless guy being worked over by security.

Here is what we were grilling before the game.

The front of the stadium before we went in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Entry 324: Viva Los Royals

Last night we decided to trade in some of our unused season tickets and go to the Royals game last night. It was a great night because it was Viva Los Royals night (a night where they celebrate the Latin American players), we got a free t-shirt, and the Royals scored 11 runs in the first three innings. The best part was that Lance finally caught a hot dog in the hot dog launch. For some reason he always wanted to catch a hot dog being thrown through the air or shot out of a cannon, and as you can tell from the picture below he was extremely excited.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Entry 323: Julie's Big Break

Fracture would be a more appropriate title in this case. Three weeks ago Julie started having some knee pain. At first we didn't make a big deal about it, but the pain kept getting worse. Two weeks ago Julie went to urgent care and they said that she just strained a ligament in her knee. We were told to just ice it, massage it, and stay off of it as much as possible. We did this, but a few days later the pain was even worse. Julie made an appointment to see her doctor and the doctor told her the same thing, but she did order an MRI just to make sure. Julie took the day off and Lance ran her to get her MRI. Afterwards they told her that they would have the results in 24-48 hours. Julie got a phone call 15 minutes later telling her to stay off her feet because she had fractured her tibia. They couldn't tell us if she would need surgery or a cast because she needed to see a specialist. Yesterday she saw the specialist and we got the best news possible. She does not need surgery or even a cast because the fracture is already starting to heal. The bad news is that for the next 6 weeks she is wheelchair bound. Lets hope it heels right.

Entry 322: New Washer and Dryer

Today our new washer and dryer were delivered. We are trying to be more energy efficient and since our old washer and dryer were energy hogs, we decided this was the place to start. We have already started using it and love it. Sorry for the picture, but Lance for some reason just couldn't get a good shot.

Entry 321: Red Friday

Monday is the Chiefs first football game of the new season, so all of Kansas City celebrated by having a Red Friday (for those that aren't from around here, it basically means everyone wears red to show their support for the Chiefs). Julie decided Bobby should get in the act and put his Chiefs bandanna on him.

Entry 320: Royals Pictures

When we went to the Royals game on Sunday a Royals photographer took our picture at the game. They actually turned out pretty cool and in one of them you can see the fireworks going off because the Royals had just hit a home run. Just click the link below and scroll down until you see us (we have about 6-7 pictures in the gallery).

Click Here For Royals Pictures

Entry 319: Royals versus Tigers

Last Sunday we wen to the Royals game when they played the Tigers. We always seem to enjoy the Sunday games because we can take our time tailgating, plus the Royals wear their powder blue jerseys (which Julie really likes). It was a beautiful day for tailgating and the game, but the bad part was that Julie's knee was still hurting (much more info on that later). Since Julie's knee was hurting we changed our tickets to the wheelchair section, so she didn't have to walk up and down stairs. The Royals won an we got to see Joakim Soria, but the highlight for Lance was the hot dog race. They let the little kids run the hot dog race on Sundays and as you can see from the picture below mustard pretty much had it all wrapped up, but he then began show boating and forgot to run through the finish line. It was very funny, but Lance was quite disappointed because he is a HUGE mustard fan.

Entry 318: New Television

Let us just start off by saying that yes we know it has been awhile since we last posted, but we have been super busy and you will see why in the next few posts. We have been talking about getting a second television for quite some time because our television viewing habits are quite different (Julie likes HGTV and Lance likes his sports), so last Saturday we pulled the trigger and finally got the second TV. We originally were just going to get a small one for downstairs, but we found a great deal on this one and purchased it.

On a side note, yes we see that the old TV is still mounted behind it, but we are having a small disagreement about this. Julie wants to hire someone to come and remount it, but Lance says he can do it himself. We'll keep you updated on who wins this one.