Sunday, June 29, 2014

Entry 560: Sitting In The Rain

Saturday we had tickets for the Royals and Angels game and it was a game we won't soon forget.  It was a 1:10 game, so Julie decided that we needed to get there early because they were giving away a James Shield bobblehead to the first 10,000 people.  Julie is a big fan of giveaways, so we got there at 11:00 and the line was already huge.  Julie, who has incredible luck, was walking towards the end of the line when two younger boys asked her if she would like to stand with them.  Julie of course said yes and instead of being at the end of the line, she was at the front of the line.  Like I said earlier, she has incredible luck.  The family was extremely nice and Julie was in heaven because she was assured of her bobblehead.

We didn't have tickets for this game, so we went online and bought some tickets.  We used to sit out in the fountains all the time, but we haven't done that for years and we decided to buy some tickets out there.  Little did we know that the seats we had were the only ones in the row, which means that there was no one sitting in front of us or even behind us.  They were great seats and as you will see from the pictures below, Lance was able to put his feet up and stretch out the entire game.

The weather forecasters had been predicting rain for the game, so we were smart and brought our umbrella in with us.  In the beginning the weather was gorgeous with a little bit of sun and wind.  By the time the game started though it began looking quite ominous.  By the time the game was in the second inning it began pouring down rain and as everyone ran for cover, we put our umbrella up and were staying dry.  About 30 minutes into the delay we decided that we had enough and left because it looked like the game was not going to continue for quite some time.  It was a good thing we left because the game started up again 4 hours later.  That would have been terrible if we stayed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Entry 559: Royals vs. Dodgers

We are going to make this two posts into one.  Monday night Julie was very excited because she was going to see Zack Greinke pitch against the Royals.  Let me go back a few years so you can see why this is significant; when Julie first became a Kansas City Royals fan Zack Greinke was pitching for the team.  He was very good and quickly became Julie's favorite player because according to her, Greinke had a bad attitude and so did she.  Anything that had Greinke's name on it or resembled him Julie bought and even met him once which was an accomplishment in itself.  Eventually Greinke got tired of losing with the Royals and said he wanted traded.  This angered Julie and just like a jilted girlfriend, she ripped up and destroyed all of her Greinke items.  Lance was very curious to see how Julie was going to react to seeing her ex-favorite player again.

We decided to take one of our friends to the game and we all had a fantastic time.  Julie actually cheered for Greinke (which really surprised Lance because he was prepared for the worst) and she behaved herself real well.  The Royals played extremely well and ended up winning the game.

Tuesday night we took Julie's mom, Nancy, to the game with us.  We decided to take her to one of our favorite barbecue places, Gates.   When we got there Nancy made the rookie mistake of trying to order a Bud Light Lime.  Once she said that the lady behind the counter and Lance both started laughing, and they then explained that this was a barbecue restaurant and they didn't serve that.  It was pretty funny.  Unfortunately the game wasn't as good as the food because the Royals ended up losing.  It was a fun 2 games though.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Entry 558: Julie's New Friend

There is a trainer at Title Boxing that Julie really likes and his name is Touissant.  He is a very quiet man, but he really pushes Julie hard and Julie likes that.  She recently asked Touissant if he would be open to doing some personal training sessions with her and he was very open to it.  She met up with him this morning to go over his plans for her and let's just say that it sounds pretty intense.  We'll keep you updated on how it goes.

                                         Julie and Touissant talking over her workout goals.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Entry 557: 6 Years

Today we celebrate our sixth year of marriage and below are a few videos from that day.  We'll post more later on of how we spent the day.

Entry 556: Royals vs. Mariners

     Tonight we went to the Royals game with Julie's mom Nancy.  It was a sellout game because the Royals had just come off of a 10 game win streak and for the first time since 1994 were in first place in June.  It was a great game and Julie and Nancy had a great time yelling and singing along with the music.  The Royals were down 5-0 at one point, but came back to tie it 5-5 and the place was going nuts.  Unfortunately in the end though the Royals lost, but we all had a great time.  Below you will see Lance taking a selfie.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Entry 555: Slowly, But Surely

Lately Lance has been complaining that his shirts have become too baggy.  Julie had to go to Kohl's to get some new shorts and Lance decided to tag along.  He found some shirts that were a really good deal and he decided to try on the medium shirts instead of the larges.  Lo and behold if the shirts didn't fit him perfectly, so it is official that Lance is now a medium shirt guy.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Entry 554: What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar???

Saturday we usually do our grocery shopping and as we were leaving Aldi's we were almost run in to by a woman who just barreled out of her spot without even looking.  Lance slammed on the brakes and the woman just started shaking her ice cream cone at him while she sped off.  The best part was that the guy who was parked next to her said, "That must be one damn good ice cream cone."  In her defense, Lance did say that the cone looked pretty good.

Entry 553: Complaining To Complain

Yesterday we went to the Royals Stadium so we could switch out some tickets for an upcoming game.  After we finished this we decided to have lunch at Gates Bar-B-Q.  Julie loves Gates because she thinks their sauce is great, but Lance is more of an Arthur Bryant's fan (we'll save this discussion for another post).

Now as most people know, you go to a barbecue place for the meats and sauce, but the people next to us apparently came for something completely different.  They got their food and when they sat down they asked to see the manager of the restaurant.  The manager came out and they actually began to complain that they didn't care for the bread their sandwiches came on.  Now I can see people complaining about the sauce or meat, but for crying out loud not the bread.  We think the manager at first thought they were joking, but she soon realized that they were serious.  The manager apologized and brought them out some new pieces of bread(yes, new pieces of bread) and offered them a free dessert.  We both just kind of laughed at the ridiculousness of some people.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Entry 552: Lance Huebner: Lunchroom Monitor

The nice part about teaching summer school is that it is relatively easy and the money isn't bad.  The bad part about summer school is that sometimes you have to do things that you normally don't do such as lunchroom supervision.  That's right, Lance has officially become a summer school lunchroom monitor.  For nearly an hour a day, Lance is in charge if watching nearly 200 6th-8th grade kids to make sure that they aren't making a mess, stealing food (especially cookies), aren't starting any food fights, and are basically behaving themselves.  Now this may sound like a glamorous job, but trust Lance when he says that it isn't quite as glamorous as you think.  Eleven more days until this lovely job is over.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Entry 551: Fire Alarm Gone Wrong

This year Lance decided to do summer school which is amazing since his last summer school experience involved him being pooped on, peed on, spit on, and called about every name in the book.  The pay increased though and Lance decided to give it another shot.  This has been a completely different experience for him though and it has actually been enjoyable.

Part of Lance's summer school schedule involves lunch duty.  Normally this is easy and he may have to get on to a couple of kids who make a mess and try to leave it.  Today was a different day though.  Just as the 2nd lunch shift sat down to eat, the fire alarm went off.  Lance naturally thought that this was a fire drill until he realized that it was pouring down rain outside.  The principal then turned to Lance and told him that we had to get all of the kids outside immediately.  At this point and time Lance had the unenviable task of telling 300 hungry students that they had to leave their lunch in the cafeteria and go outside in the pouring rain.  A few students thought he was joking, until he began yelling at them to get out now.  Once he cleared out the cafeteria, Lance joined the students for 8 minutes (yes he timed it) in the pouring rain in his flip flops.

So whenever you think your day is bad, just imagine trying to get 300 hungry to leave their lunches and go out in the pouring rain.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Entry 550: Early Risers

Now normally we consider ourselves early risers because we are both up by five in the morning during the weekdays, so we can get ready and go to work.  This morning though we were early early risers because Julie had a meeting this morning at 5:45 in the morning.  Normally we enjoy getting up early, but even four in the morning is a little bit of a struggle for us.  Luckily though Bella kept her routine of licking Lance in the face when the alarm went off.  If it wasn't for that little dog, we both might still be sleeping.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Entry 549: Lots Of Pain, Hopefully Some Gain

We actually had some plans to do things today, but then we went to Title to work out and that all changed.  There is a trainer there named Touissant that we both really like.  Usually he is hard, but today he kicked it up a notch.  Within the first 15 minutes we were both so tired that sweat was just dripping off our face and making little puddles on the mat.  By the time the workout was over, Lance couldn't bend down to pick up the bag and Julie had to carry it out.  Let's just say that the plans we had for today were derailed by Touissant and his workout.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Entry 548 Royals vs. Cardinals game

     Thursday night we were lucky enough to have tickets to the Royals and St. Louis Cardinals game.  For those of you who have been following our blog, you will be shocked to know that we seriously downgraded our ticket package this season.  Due to increased prices, our commitment to Title Boxing, and Julie's mom (Nancy) wanting to be a part of our season tickets; we downgraded from a full season of tickets to only 21.  Believe it or not, this has really worked out great for us this season.

     Now back to the Royals/Cardinals game.  Nancy decided that she didn't want to go to the game, so she gave her ticket to her son-in-law (Michael) who is a Cardinals fan.  We decided to tailgate before the game, so we picked Michael up and hit the parking lot.  It was a great time full of hamburgers, chips, cookies, and beer/soda.  When we got into the stadium it was a great time in which we saw the Royals win 3-2.  Overall it was a fun game.

Entry 547: Title Boxing

In our last post (which was about 8 months ago, sorry about that) we talked about joining Title Boxing.  Well we are still doing Title Boxing and the results we have seen are pretty amazing.  Lance is down about 20 pounds and is down to his college weight, while Julie is down nearly 40 pounds and she looks amazing.  We are going between 4-5 days a week and we still absolutely love it.