Monday, November 9, 2009

Entry 234: A Poem

In Lance's communication arts class he uses Julie a lot for examples. Most of them are the good things she does, but some of them are not (such as her infatuation with The Biggest Loser). Today Lance had his students write a simile and here is what one student wrote: Mr. Huebner is like a prisoner because he's always getting tortured by his wife. Lets just say that this simile is hanging on the fridge at home.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Entry 234: Merry Early Christmas

We have been debating since the Kansas City Royals season ended about whether or not we should get season tickets. Today we finally sat down and decided that we are going to do it and get the 21 game package and give it to ourselves as a Christmas gift. The next big question is about what package we are going to get and what teams we want to see. Lance would like to see the Red Sox and Yankees and Julie is all about the Cardinals. Either way we are both excited.

Entry 232: These Boots Are Made For Walking

Julie has been looking for a pair of knee high boots with no heels for many years and she finally found a pair when she was shopping with her mom. She absolutely loves them.

Entry 231: Happy Belated Halloween

Halloween has come and gone again. We had a few trick or treaters that came to the house, but the big excitement was Julie dressing the dogs up for Halloween again. She kept the old pumpkin costume for Maggie and bought Bobby a hot dog costume. The dogs were actually very patient with this.

Entry 230: Where Has The Time Gone

Yes we realize that it has been awhile since we have last posted, but saying we have been busy is a huge understatement. Since we last posted a lot has been going on with us. First and foremost Julie celebrated her birthday and, believe it or not, it was fun and no fun at the same time. Julie's mom and dad came down the week before Julie's birthday and spent the weekend with us. It was great spending time with them, and Julie and her mom got to do some major shopping. Julie's birthday, however, wasn't so great because Lance came down with the flu and we had to cancel the birthday party. The next weekend Lance made it up though and took Julie to the Cheesecake Factory (Julie's favorite place to eat) and we had a nice lunch and walked around the plaza. Here is what else has been going on with us since we last blogged:

- Julie spent a few days in Jefferson City for training with her job.
- We have been spending some time with Tyler, Mary, and Phillip.
- Julie had her 4 month evaluation and as expected it was tremendous.
- Lance has been busy helping out with intramural dodgeball.
- Taking care of the dogs which is a full time job.
- Raking the leaves in the yard at 8:30 in the morning.
- We have been busy editing the wedding videos that we taped.

We have been doing a lot more, but we'll let the pictures do the talking. Get ready for tons of posts.