Monday, August 3, 2009

Entry 221: Congratulations Carolyne

This weekend we learned that on Saturday Julie's sister, Carolyne, got engaged to Michael. We are so happy for her and know that the wedding will be beautiful. Congratulations Carol and Michael.

Entry 220: A Weekend In Iowa

This past weekend we went to Iowa to celebrate Lance's brothers, Mark, birthday. Mark turned the big 40 and for the first time in about 5 years all of the brothers and sisters were in one place. The party was Saturday night, so during the day Lance took the opportunity to show Julie one of his favorite places to eat: The Button Factory. The Button Factory is actually an old button factory that has been made into a restaurant. It sits right next to the river and it has amazing food.
The birthday party was memorable to say the least. There was lots of food to eat and it was great getting a chance to talk to everyone. The highlight of the night was the fact that there was a DJ and karaoke. Julie then learned something new about Lance: he is secretly a karaoke machine. Lance got up and sang 4 songs and even dedicated one to Julie. He sang Eye Of The Tiger, Enter Sandman, Highway To Hell, and even a Barry Manilow song with his mom and sister. All in all a great evening and a fantastic birthday party.

Entry 219: Why Lance Loves Iowa

Iowa has many quirks that Lance loves, but even he saw one this weekend that was new. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture, but as we were driving by the local feed store we saw in big letters on the billboard: See Daren 4 Cat Food. What made this even funnier is that one of Lance's brothers is named Daren. After coming up with many jokes we would say to Daren, we both decided that Daren must be really ticked off.