Sunday, July 7, 2013

Entry 542: Beach Days

After visiting Lance's grandma, we traveled to Tampa so that we could see a Rays game and visit some beaches.  It was interesting driving to Tampa because we were driving through tropical storm Andrea and it was amazing.  Parts of the time it would be clear and then all of a sudden it would change a huge downpour would occur.  We did finally make it and the next day we hit the beach.

In 2010 we were in a town near Tampa called Indians Rock Beach for Carol and Mike's wedding.  While there we found a beach that we loved and while driving to our hotel we noticed that the same beach was only 20 minutes from the hotel.  We had fond memories of that beach and decided to go back.  We didn't regret it and spent the whole day there searching for shells and just laying back enjoying the view.  Carol even recommended Crabby Bills for an early dinner and we absolutely loved it.  It was one of the best restaurants Lance has ever eaten at and Julie discovered that she loved clam strips.

Entry 541: Days 6 and 7

After spending a few days with Pam and Dennis, we ventured out to spend a few days with Lance's grandma.  The nice part is that they were only about an hour and fifteen minutes away from each other.  It was a nice visit and we were able to have our own little apartment in the apartment complex.  While we were there we had some nice meals, visited Fisherman's Village, saw some of Lance's grandma's favorite places, and played Rummikub every night.  It was a very nice visit and we were sad to leave.