Sunday, August 29, 2010

Entry 317: Weekend in St. Louis

This past weekend we went to St. Louis to go to Julie's cousins wedding. We planned on leaving early Saturday morning, but Julie's knee had been acting up so we first made a trip to urgent care. The doctor told us that Julie had an inflamed tendon and gave her a prescription to help. We were finally on our way, but unfortunately late enough that we couldn't make the wedding. We We did make the reception though, and it was amazing. It was at Windows On Washington and everything there was incredible. The view was of downtown St. Louis and Lance enjoyed the ice sculpture that dispensed beverages.
We spent the night at the Drury Inn near the arch. The view was amazing and the hotel was great.
Sunday we drove home, but first we stopped by Julie's alma matter, Lindenwood University, and Julie was able to walk the campus and relive some memories. We also had the chance to eat lunch with our friends Russ and Jane (Russ is the man who married us) and to catch up. All in all it was a great weekend.

This is the view from when you walked into Windows On Washington.

This was our view when we walked out of the hotel.

Entry 316: Chiefs Game

Friday night we were lucky enough to have two of our friends, Anita and Tyson, take us to a Kansas City Chiefs game. Tyson was given the tickets from work and we sat in the front row on the 20 yard line. The game was great and as you can see Lance got a little carried away by taking picures of the Chiefs cheerleaders.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Entry 315: Royals vs White Sox

Saturday night the Royals played a doubleheader against the White Sox and we were lucky enough to be there. We planned on staying for a little bit of the second game, but it went into extra innings and didn't end until 9:45 and the second game wouldn't start until 10:15. It was a great game though because we saw the Royals hit a grand slam and then win the game on a base hit in the 13th inning. It was probably one of our favorite games of the year.

Entry 314: Royals vs. Indians

Tuesday night we had the chance to see the Royals play the Indians. Julie was excited because her favorite Royals player, Zack Greinke, was pitching. So after Julie finished work, we went to Subway and headed for the game. We unfortunately did not stay for the whole game because Lance started back to school the next day and Julie was exhausted. The good news is that even though we weren't there, the Royals still won.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Entry 313: Drive In Movie

Recently (the fourth of July) we tried to go to the Twin Drive Inn movie theater, but unfortunately their were some technical problems and we didn't see any movie. The good news was that we were given four free movie passes to use anytime. We decided to try the drive inn again this weekend with our friends and thankfully the weather was perfect. We decided to see the double feature of The Expendables and Predator. Lance loved The Expendables and gave it 8 out of 10 stars just because of all the action (and there was no plot to bring it down). Julie gave it 2 out of 10 stars because there was no plot. We got through the first hour of Predator and just couldn't stay up any longer, so unfortunately no ratings for this.

Entry 312: No More Skylight

We have been waiting for more than a month for our ceiling to be fixed, but on Saturday the wait was over. For those that don't know we recently had our roof replaced and a roofer put his foot through our ceiling. The interior people came at 9:00 in the morning and were done by noon. Thankfully this whole ordeal is finally over.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Entry 311: Lance's New Toy

Loyal readers of the blog know that Julie recently got an Ipad. Lance told her that because of this he would like to get wireless in the house, and Julie agreed. So today at 11:45 our lives changed because we now have wireless. This will definitely make our lives easier.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Entry 310: It's Finally Fixed

Yesterday at 4:15 Lance received a call from Randy Reed telling him that the car was done. Lance was in shock and asked if they were sure, and they said yes. So the car is finally home and running great. Let's hope this continues to be true because this was quite the ordeal.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Entry 309: The Huebners vs. Randy Reed (The Sequel)

When we last left you, Randy Reed had our car to fix (for the third time) and we were driving a lovely rental. Let's fast forward to today where for the 5th consecutive day we are driving the rental car. Our hopes were off the charts yesterday, but then once again they were shattered. Let us explain: yesterday (Monday) at 4:30 Lance got a call saying that the car was fixed and to return the rental. Lance was super excited and rushed to pick up Julie from downtown to go get the car. Julie rushed and we knew we would have to get the car to Enterprise before 5:30 to even have a shot of getting the car tonight. We made it to Enterprise at 5:15 and just as we were about to leave for Randy Reed, Lance got a call saying to keep the rental because something happened with the car. They didn't explain anything to Lance, just that the car wasn't ready.

Lance left a nice little voice mail for the service manager and the next day received a call. Apparently (who know if it is true or not), they did something with the steering column so that the steering wheel fit on backwards. They are now having a 3rd steering column overnighted to the shop and Lance was promised (again) that he would have the car very soon.

Stay tuned for updates and hopefully the release of the car.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Entry 308: Wedding Shower

This past weekend Lance's sister, Jacque, had her bridal shower. We had been planning on going to this for awhile, but with Julie's new job we decided to lave Saturday instead of Sunday. We pulled out of the driveway at 4:45 in the morning and made it to the shower with 30 minutes to spare. Julie stayed at the shower, while Lance and his brothers/dad/future brother in law got fitted for their tuxes and then went bowling. Lance won't mentioned how he did bowling, but lets just say that out of the three games they bowled he finished last in all of them except the last one.

After the shower, we all went out for ice cream to celebrate Lance's dads birthday which is on Monday. You can never go wrong with Stone Cold Creamery. Afterwards we headed for the hotel and slept off the long day.

Sunday we stopped by Lance's mom and dads house to visit and help them with some computer issues. This gave Lance the chance to explain to Julie the difference between sweet corn and feed corn because the house is surrounded by corn. Julie is a big fan of sweet corn and was quite curious about it. She even got to pick an ear off of the stalk which was probably a highlight of the trip.

It was a great time and we can't wait to go back in about a month and a half for Jacque and Jon's wedding.

Here the guys are at the bowling alley.

Julie surrounded by the corn and wishing it was sweet corn and not the feed corn.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Entry 307: Julie's New Toy

That's right, Julie's new toy is an Ipad. Lance's grandmother sent us some money a little while back that we set aside to buy an Ipad. Julie has been begging for some time to purchase it, but Lance has always said to be patient because eventually they'll be a good deal on some. That good deal came today because it is a tax free holiday in Missouri, so instead of getting the 8GB Ipad we were able to get the 32GB. This is a great time for Julie to have one anyway because she will be doing a lot of taveling in her new job and this will keep her organized and entertained on the road. We did make a compromise though, in order to get the Ipad we had to get wireless in the house (and that is happening on Monday).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entry 306: The Huebner's vs. Randy Reed

About two weeks ago we heard a sound come from the steering wheel every time we turned it at slow speeds. Julie was worried about it, so Lance took it back to the dealership we bought it from, Randy Reed, to have it looked at. Lance took the car in last Tuesday and they told him that the steering column would need to be replaced, but they didn't have the part. Randy Reed told him they could get the part today, but they were not sure how long it would take (this was three hours after he had dropped the car off). Lance agreed to have their courtesy shuttle take him home (which is 30 minutes from the shop), but about 5 minutes from the house the driver received a call saying that they couldn't find the part. We proceeded to drive back and make another appointment for Friday when the part was there.

Lance brought the car back on Friday at 8 in the morning, and he told the guy he would wait for the car. The guy said not a problem, but to be patient because it could take awhile. Lance had a book to read, so he thought not a problem. 11:30 rolled around and the service guy came and told Lance that they actually ordered the wrong part, but the right one was on its way in. Lance asked them if they would have it done by 4 because he had to go and pick up Julie from work. They said it would be done, but again to be patient. Well 3:30 rolls around and there is no word on how the car is doing. Lance goes and asks how much longer it is going to be and the guy responds that he is not sure. Lance tells the guy he was assured it would be done by 4:00, and he is told that the part only showed up 30 minutes ago. Lance called Julie and luckily one of her co-workers drove Julie to the shop. Finally at 5:00 (yes 9 hours later and yes Lance was in the waiting room the whole time) the car is done and the drama with the car is finally over, but it's not.

Monday night when we were driving home, Lance makes a turn and it almost like the wheels lock up. It only occurs when Lance turns the steering wheel at slow speeds, but it is a real safety hazard because it is almost impossible to turn the wheels. Lance calls the shop back and the service guy acts like he is making it up, but does agree to look at it on Thursday because that is the first open appointment. Lance had finally had enough and called the management at Randy Reed and told them everything that had occurred and it was amazing because when he dropped the car off today everyone had a new attitude. After dropping the car off at 8:00, Lance was told 10 minutes later that the steering column was put in wrong. Even better the car was not safe to drive (which I already knew) and they got me a rental until the car is done. So right now we are driving a Hyundia Accent until the car is finished.