Monday, June 29, 2009

Entry 211: House Pictures

As we said in an earlier post the house is officially painted on the outside. Here are some pictures of it and some descriptions that follow (Julie said she wanted me to explain what we did).

Here is what the front of the house looks like now. We repainted the lattice with the inside being the house color and the bars being the trim color. Along with the lattice we painted the lantern out front, installed some solar lights, painted the railing, changed the light fixture by the door, put new numbers on the house, installed a new doorbell, and had the gutters replaced. Lance literally had to get on top of the roof and lean over to get the trim on the widows peak.

Here is the side that is next to the kitchen. We just painted this and hung up one of Julie's wind chimes.

This is the side of the house with the bedrooms. We just painted this and had new gutters installed.

This is the back of the house. We changed out the light fixture, had the gutters replaced, and hung up another of Julie's wind chimes.

This was Julie's project and she did a great job on the shed. She was a little unsure about painting the trim white, but she likes it now.

Entry 210: A Birthday Gift

Lance's birthday is this Monday the 29th and Julie got him a gift that he has been wanting for awhile: a new grill. She surprised him with it and Lance is very excited that it is still charcoal and not gas (charcoal just tastes better even if it takes longer).

Entry 209: Solar Lights

We were walking through Target yesterday and we noticed that they had some solar lights on sale that just about exactly matched our outside lights. It was too good of a deal for us to pass up, so we bought some. We put 3 of them on the sidewalk leading up to the house and hung the other two with our bushes. We are both pretty pleased with how it looks.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Entry 208: Finally Done

Well the entire project took about a month (it has been 95 and above for more than a week), but we are happy to say that the house is finally painted. Not only has the house been painted, but we also replaced all of the outside lighting fixtures, painted the railing and mailbox black, installed solar lights along the sidewalk, had new gutters installed, and even installed a new doorbell. Today Julie inspected the whole house and after a few minor fixes declared the house done. Lance was given a few moments to relish his victory before Julie told him what she would like to see done on the inside of the house. Pictures will be following soon of the completed project.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Entry 207: The Shed

The house is all painted and all Lance is doing now is a little touch up work. When Julie painted the shed she decided that she liked it to be all gray. Lance thought it looked good, but wanted to jazz it up a bit. So without Julie's permission, Lance added his own little touch to the shed. We'll see what Julie says when she gets home. Before I forget, yes I do realize that there is a huge tree limb hanging from the shed, but it was blown down last night and our neighbor is taking it for his fire pit later today.

Entry 206: The Neighbors

We have some neighbors that live across the street from us who are quite interesting. The biggest problem we have is that they make noise all throughout the night making it tough for us to sleep. Lance likes to get a little bit of revenge by honking his car horn next to their house when we leave at 6:00 in the morning. This morning Julie wouldn't let Lance honk his horn and you'll see why with the picture below.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entry 205: Anniversary Day

Today was our first anniversary and we decided to recreate our first two dates. On our second date we went to see a movie, so today we went and saw The Proposal in the same movie theater. Believe it or not we both thought it was a good movie because even though we knew how it was going to end it kept us laughing and entertained. Afterwards we planned on going to Granite City to eat (this is where we had our first date), but we had to get home and let the dogs out. We decided to eat at the Olive Garden and again it was very good. Now your probably wondering what we got each other for this special day. Julie got Lance a Royals jersey with Coco Crisp on it and new Baggo bean bags for his Baggo game. Lance got Julie a Royals jersey with David DeJesus, some Bath and Body Works stuff, and gave her $50 to go shopping with and Lance had to go without complaining. All in all it was a great day and the first of many.

Entry 204: Anniversary Flowers

Today (Sunday) is our first anniversary together. Lance decided to celebrate it a little early and send some flowers to Julie's office. He also decided that wasn't enough and bought some to surprise her with at home. We have a big day planned for our anniversary, so I am sure there will be tons of pictures.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Entry 203: The New Gutters Are In

This may sound a little bit sad, but we are very excited to have our new gutters installed. It has been crazy because for the past week and a half we have been waiting to have them installed, but it had been raining every day. As you can tell the wait is over and Julie did a nice job of picking the paint to match the colors of the gutters. All that is left now is for Julie to give the house a look over and fix anything she sees.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Entry 202: Royals Game

Last night the Royals were having a free t-shirt give away night to the first 20,000 fans. They were giving away a Zack Greinke t-shirt (he is by far Julie's favorite player), so we decided to go. One of our friends was nice enough to wait in line for us yesterday and we were able to get seats that were right behind the fountains. They were great seats and what made them even better is that we had a clear view of Julie's second favorite player, David DeJesus (so a good night for Julie all around). What made the game even better is that the Royals won their 4th straight game by a score of 5-0 and Lance's favorite player, Gil Meche, threw a complete game. GO ROYALS!!!!!

Entry 201: The Gutters Are Gone

Yesterday the gutter guys came and ripped down all of our guttering. The ripped it down yesterday and Lance spent a majority of the day painting all of the boards so that they can put the new gutters on today. On a side note I am not really sure why the pictures came out this fuzzy, but hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Entry 200: Biting Off More Than He Can Chew

Monday was a gorgeous day here, so we both decided to sit outside and play some bocce ball. If you haven't played bocce ball before it is a game where you basically throw croquet balls and try to get it closest to the small croquet ball (there is actually much more to it, but it is an easy explanation). The game was going along fine until Bobby decided that he wanted to play. The video below shows how he took part in the game (the balls actually weigh more than he does). Excuse the mess in the back, but we are still painting as you will be able to tell.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Entry 199: A Weekend Of Work

Well after working in the hot weather this weekend, the house is almost fully painted. As you can see from the pictures the front of the house is all done, except for the trim and the lattice. The lattice will be a little bit interesting because we decided to paint the interior both the trim and house color. Julie has also begun adding some of her touches to the house (the numbers on the house, spray painting the light and mailbox black, and hanging her new outside light). Now many of you might be wondering how Lance got all the way up to the widows peak (Julie's word) to paint it. Lets just say that the Huebner ingenuity came into play and Lance's dad gave him the idea of taping a brush to a stick and getting it that way. Now you may think this is funny, but it worked. All that is left now is to have the new gutters put in, painting all of the trim, and finally painting the shed. It looks like Lance will meet his Friday deadline.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Entry 198: New Outdoor Lights

Julie has finally begun picking some things she would like to have installed/placed outside. Thanks to Kent's help this past fall, Lance felt competent enough to install new outdoor lights. Here is the end result. There is one in the front and a matching one in the back.

Emtry 197: Updates

As you can see from the picture above we are making some significant progress on finishing the house. This weekend we plan on putting the finishing touches on the house. You are probably asking yourself why the top of the house is not painted or even primed. The answer can be summed up in 5 letters: WASPS. When Lance began climbing the ladder he noticed a lot of wasps flying around his head and eventually saw the nest on top of the vent. He is in the process of removing it right now. Lance is really starting to get excited about finishing this project up and relaxing a little bit.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Entry 196: A Long, But Productive Day

Today was a long day of painting, but we are happy to say that 3/4 of the house is finally painted. Lance's mom and dad came down and the job went a lot faster. As you can see from the pictures the house is gray with a little bit of a blue tint. Lance wasn't sure in the beginning about the color, but now he absolutely loves it. Enjoy the pictures and again thanks mom and dad.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Entry 195: Days 2 and 3 Of Painting

Well as you can see the house is now fully primed (except the front which needs to have some work done to it) and ready to paint.

Entry 194: Royals Game

Saturday we were lucky enough to see our first Royals game of the year live. One of Julie's co-workers was nice enough to give us some free tickets and since Julie's dad was in town we decided to take him. The revamped stadium is beautiful and we didn't even recognize it. The best part about the whole night (besides mustard winning the hot dog race)was the fact that they were giving away KC Monarchs jerseys. We all had a great time and Lance is really happy that Julie really seems to be enjoying the games. She did a few catcalls for her favorite player and even took part in the Let's Go Royals chant. Maybe there is hope for her yet.