Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Entry 440: Just Another Day

Today was just a typical day at work for Lance. His day started by helping a boy open his locker when he turned to Lance and whispered to him that he had an accident and needed to see the nurse. We will leave it up to your imagination as to what the accident was. Lance's day then ended when one of his students tried to call his mom, but instead dialed 911. You can imagine Lance's surprise when the police called his room and asked if everything was okay. Like the title says, just another typical day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Entry 439: Cowboy Love/Hate

Last night we went to a wedding of the daughter of one of Julie's co-workers. It was a beautiful wedding and they had a photo booth at the reception. We stepped in to the photo booth and decided that we were going to have a cowboy theme. As you can see Julie choose the pink cowboy hat and Lance choose the hillbilly country cowboy hat. We then reenacted two cowboys falling in love and then it ended badly. We loved the photo booth.

Entry 438: Pick The Paint Color

Julie has decided that she wants a new paint color for her bathroom and has it narrowed down to two choices. Which do you prefer? Julie's choice will be revealed at a later date (probably next week).

Entry 437: Home Improvement Time

Since the Royals season is finally over, Julie has decided that it is time to do some home improvement projects around the house. Here are some of the projects that Julie has for Lance:

1. Painting all of the trim and windows in the house, so that they are all one uniform color. Some of the trim and windows have never been painted, so Julie has decided that everything is going to be a bright white.

2. One of the pictures that we recently took from Shaw's Garden, Julie wanted blown up and put into a frame.

3. Put the rest of the Royal sherseys in their shadow boxes and hang them in the Royals room.

4. Hang the autographed baseballs in the Royals room.

5. Pick out a new paint color for the bathroom and paint it.

6. Sand the vanity in the bathroom and repaint it to match the new bathroom paint color.

As you can tell Lance is going to be pretty busy for a while. You can see Lance's progress in the pictures below.

The trim painted.

The window painted in the spare bedroom.

Here is the picture that we blew up from Shaw's Garden and hung in the living room.

All of the Royals sherseys hung up in Julie's Royals room.

The autographed baseballs and baseballs from the stadiums that we have visited.

Entry 436: Bobby At The Game

If you do not check our Royals Season Ticket Holders blog, then you probably don't know that we took Bobby to a Royals game recently. Below is a picture of the great time that we had. If you want to read all about it click on the Royals Season Ticket Holders link on the right hand side.